“Reporting a Change” at Covered CA can result in terminating your coverage if you’re not careful…

Consumers who apply for coverage through Covered California agree to report changes within 30 days. See below section REQUIRED SELF-REPORTING for details.

After signing to your account, by clicking on the “Report a Change” button you can, for example, correct a typo, change your income, update your address, indicate you have become eligible for other health insurance, such as insurance offered by your employer. (Please note that Eligible does not mean that you actually sign up for group coverage, just that you can.)

If you need to change your name, date of birth, or Social Security number (or those of other members on the application), please call the Covered California Service Center at (800) 300-1506 and a representative can change that information in your account.

As the last step for any change you must pick your health plan and check out again, just like when you first picked a plan. Be sure to pick the same plan in which you are currently enrolled. If you fail to pick a plan and check out, or if you pick a different health plan, your coverage will be terminated.

Consumers are required to self-report changes to Covered California within 30 calendar days from the date of a change if any of these things happen:
 Add a household member
 Change in income (employment)
 Remove a household member
 Change in income (self-employment)
 Change in incarceration status
 Change in income (other)
 Change in health status
 Change in income (income tax deductions)
 Change in health coverage
 Miscellaneous information change
 Change in citizenship/immigration status
 Tax information change (birth, adoption marriage, etc.)
 Change in household contact information change
 Change in all income type and deductions (newly eligible/ineligible for APTC)
 Change in name

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