Online tools to find cash prices for medical procedures

Read Lisa Zamosky’s article describes online services to price shop for various medical procedures.

Resources listed in her story include

  • MediBid. For $4.95 a month or $25 for a year of unlimited requests, patients can post the medical services they need, and doctors bid for their business.
  • San Francisco-based Pokitdok ( operates in 44 markets including Los Angeles. You can search the 50 most shopped medical procedures among 40,000 providers who have submitted their cash price.
  • New York-based Clear Health Costs ( was started in 2010 by former New York Times reporter Jeanne Pinder. Its staff queries individual healthcare providers in eight markets, including Los Angeles, for a cash price on up to 35 common medical procedures.

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Michael Grodsky

Michael Grodsky, AIF, is founder of Artist Insurance Services, providing unbiased education and access to health insurance for Californians. He is a board member for Side Street Projects, a nonprofit artist-run organization, and is an insurance and financial planning specialist for GYST, an artist-run company providing information and technology solutions for artists. Michael’s Health Insurance 101 workshops have been hosted by non-profit organizations throughout Los Angeles County. He leads the ‘Health Insurance 101’ monthly informational workshop at the Cancer Support Community-Benjamin Center.