Financial Planning

Michael’s firm Aquarius Financial provides investment management services, but not financial planning services. Prior to engaging in an investment advisory relationship with us, we encourage you to visit a fee-only Certified Financial Planner (CFP) offering comprehensive financial planning and tax preparation services.  Michael is happy to provide a referral upon request. (Neither Michael nor Aquarius Financial receives compensation in any form in return for financial planning referrals.)

Typical services provided by financial planners
•  Comprehensive Life Planning
•  Retirement Funds Stress Test
•  Debt and Budget Workout
•  Retirement Health Check
•  Social Security income review
•  Sunset Care Planning
•  Financial Fitness Checkup
•  Tax Planning and Filing

The Financial Planning Process
“Our role in working with clients is that of a financial life coach. If you are like most people, your financial decisions are governed not just by logic and facts, but also by emotions and beliefs regarding money. We explore these beliefs and patterns with you, resulting in an increased awareness that helps to guide you on a path forward. Our recommendations are grounded by intelligent, independent advice, which ultimately allows you to live a more independent, conscious and financially secure life.”  — Mark Shull, CFP, Enrolled Agent (IRS).