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05/03/16Lisa G.Thanks for always being so awesome.
04/29/16Gavin L.Thanks so much for this. [Special Enrollment Period (SEP) application for family plan]
04/28/16Tina L.Thanks! That's all helpful information, and Jeremy is checking on his rates as well.
04/27/16Demetra C.Michael---you rock!
04/20/16Cynthia B.Thanks so much for helping me with all my medical insurance needs. You've been so helpful! I ended up having emergency gall bladder removal surgery this last week and it was so great to be able choose a great hospital and get a good surgeon.
04/12/16Maureen M.You are very skilled in explaining the intricacies of this program.
04/05/16Nancy P.Fantastic Michael. Thank you for being such a great resource : )
03/24/16Ricki B.And once again thanks for your help. Its a pleasure working with you!
03/23/16Lily Y.I did it! Thank you for your help with pop up blockers. Worked like a charm. You are really good.
03/15/16Bill K.By the way, a woman in our community today was telling a large group that you saved her life. She was gushing over how wonderful you are.
I couldn't agree more.
01/13/16Adam M.Thanks a lot for all of your help!
12/15/15Juliette C.Thank you for your help, Michael!! Happy Holidays to you!
12/15/15Florida N.Thank you so much for all your help.
12/14/15Sarah B.Oh great!! Thank you for being so helpful!
12/08/15Linda L.With thanks for all your help with my Medicare!
11/25/15Rob A.Awesome! Thanks again for all your help with this.
11/25/15Selma M.Fabulous. Thanks. Happy turkey day, and happy all year!
11/12/15April M.Michael...thanks again for the quick answer (I knew you would know) and for the help!!!
11/11/15David B.Thank you, as always, for your help and counsel. Choosing the most appropriate Medicare plan(s) is not, and it's terrific to have a knowledgeable professional to consult!
11/10/15Judy M.You helped me last year and I can't even tell you how happy I've been!
11/09/15Margie G.Thank you so much, Michael
11/05/15Mark G.Thanks Michael. You're the best!
11/04/15Ricki B.Will do and thank you so much for your help Michael.
10/30/15Jennifer G.Thank you so much for your help!! I really appreciate it. Covered CA could really push a lady to the edge :/
10/23/15David S.Thank you so much Michael!!
10/19/15Linda L.You are great!!!!! As always, I appreciate all the help you have given and continue to give me.
10/15/15Bernard Y.I recently broke my hand. Thinks have been real scary and rough. Despite this, I will add that health insurance has saved my ass.
10/13/15Tracy O.Great! Thank you for all of your help!
10/01/15Sandra D.Thank you for the [financial planning] referral and thank you for your contribution to the Cancer Support Community at the Benjamin Center!
09/30/15Robert A., Creative Producer, PixelFishAwesome! Thanks for all your help Michael!
09/29/15Danielle W., Educational Director, Art + Practice FoundationThank you so much for all of the answers to my questions. Also, I appreciate you reaching out to your colleague for the additional information.
09/25/15Kalliegh P.Thank you for being so on top of everything for us 🙂
09/14/15Anne P.Thank you for talking to my sister, Peg, in Sonoma. She enjoyed chatting with you and really appreciated all your help.
09/15/15Terry W.Thank you, Michael! I so appreciate your help.
09/10/15Mina S.As always, thank you so much for your help.
09/05/15Beatrice B.Great, thank you so much. You have been so helpful.
08/31/15William K., Program Manager, Cancer Support Community-Benjamin CenterYou are absolutely amazing! Thank you so very much.
08/17/15Jody O.Thank you so much Michael and Thank you for the condolences. Xoxo
08/10/15Jennifer C.Double yea! Thanks again for all of your help!
08/05/15Sheila H., Program Director, Cancer Support Center-Benjamin CenterYouÕre so sweet! Thank you so much Michael. Since having Wednesdays off IÕve sure missed you, too! Thank you for all you do.
08/03/15Shelly W.Thanks Michael.... you're terrific...
07/28/15Linda L.MichaelÑ you are sooo helpful! You are like the brother I always wanted but never had.
07/28/15Jennie G.I can't begin to thank you for all of your help over the past few weeks in making sense of Medicare and helping me to successfully complete my application. It has truly been wonderful to work with you-- Connnor and I are so thankful.
07/16/15Kevin S.Thank you so much Michael!
07/16/15Linda L.It has truly been wonderful to work with you-- Connor and I are so thankful.
07/10/15Karen F.I am grateful for direction, thank you! Also, thank you for the reminder to stop, pause and breathe! Absolutely words to live by!
07/10/15Sally H.Wow what a quick reply AND with wonderful results. Thank you so much!
07/10/15Dian A.Wow! A savings is always appreciated! Best and THANK YOU, Dian.
06/22/15Roxanne B.BEYOND THANK YOU Super Agent!
06/10/15David B.Thank you again for all of your help and guidance. I consider myself lucky to have crossed paths with you.
06/02/15Robyn F.Awesome! Thanks so much for all of your help with this Michael, I really appreciate it.
06/02/15Holly O.Awesome! Thank you!
06/01/15Sheila H., LCSW, Program Director Cancer Support Community Benjamin CenterMichael Ð youÕre the best! Thank you so, so much!!
05/21/15Jennifer C.I heard back from Anthem regarding my grievance letter and they are approving coverage for my doctor's visit as a "goodwill gesture" - yeah! Wonderful - thanks a million!
05/08/15Kalliegh P., Accounting & Office Manager, PixelFishThanks again for your assistance on Tuesday. It is greatly appreciated.
05/11/15Stephanie P.Thank you so much!
05/09/15April M.Thanks Very Much!!!
05/09/15Ariane S.Thank you for your patient assistance!
05/04/15Sallie H.Again, thanks a bunch for your help. Have a great week!
04/21/15Rebecca S.Thank you for all of your service. I will let you know if I ever need health insurance again.
04/14/15Regina O.Thank you for this, Michael. You have been extremely helpful throughout this process. R and I each received our Medicare cards yesterday.
04/10/15Lauren W.Thanks so much Michael. I so appreciate all your help and expertise!
04/10/15Erin F.Hey Michael, thanks for your help and also for helping my friend Cynde!
03/30/15Michelle A.Hi Michael, great! Thank you so much, really appreciate all your help!
03/27/15Ellen L.Thank you again and again. You will be getting calls from folks referred by me, cause they all need help!
03/26/15Sophia B.Thank you very much for your help! Much appreciated.
03/12/15Victoria L.Thank you so much Michael. It was lovely to talk to you today.
03/12/15Ellen L.Thank you, Michael. So so much!
03/10/15Julie L.Thank you so much for this info, Michael.
03/10/15Renata A.Thanks so much Michael!
03/10/15Jillian S.You are the best! I love ignoring things!!! Have a great week as well...
03/03/15Patsy &.Thanks for checking in. We printed our new health cards yesterday!
02/28/15Allegra P.Thank you for helping me face a big challenge in my life.
02/27/15April M.Hi Again...and THANKS AGAIN...also thanks for the cartoon...I love Snoopy...and CB of course!!!
02/26/15Ariane V.Thanks so much for fixing this Michael. You really saved my day!
02/25/15Judita M.Just wanted to thank you for your help. Believe it or not I finally got my dental insurance card yesterday! I'm happy with my primary care physician Dr.B. She is helpful and understanding. As much as I was dreading going to [Medicare Advantage] HMO ... It all seems to be falling into place.
02/22/15Erin F.Thanks Michael! Have a great year and will be in touch again next year : )
02/09/15Lisa G.Thank you so much Michael! This was incredibly helpful 🙂
02/09/15Emily L.Awesome, thanks so much Michael.
02/05/15Jackie F.Dear Michael,I wanted to express my appreciation for your care and help regarding my health insurance situation in January. It was so kind ofÊyou toÊshow such concern for another. I am getting better on the computer and have found a doctor. Things are looking up!
01/16/15Saskia W.Amazing! I feel such a sense of accomplishment. Thank you Michael!
01/13/15Cammy S.Thank you for always being so helpful and patient with me. You are a huge help.
01/10/15Lily Y.Thanks for this summary .....youre the best !
01/09/15Sandy C.THANKS SO MUCH MICHAEL and once again,HAPPY 2015ÉÉ..sandy and bob
01/10/15Jenny G.Thanks again for all your assistance and moral support!
01/06/15Mark G.Thank you Michael. This is exactly the info I needed. You are the best.
12/18/14Linda L.Once again you have saved the day - and my sanity. Many thanks for all of your quality help with Covered California and through the swamp of it all. You're the best!
12/16/14Lena B.Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking care of this for us, you really saved the day and my whole week, we are so busy...we had so much trouble [on Covered California website]...we finally gave up.
12/03/14Corbett B.Oh. You rock.
12/03/14Sunni P., Studio Manager, ThatGameCompany, Inc.I really appreciate you taking care of us and helping us out with the multiple insurance options. I know it's a lot of work, and we'd be lost without you.
11/26/14Diane L.Thank you so much Michael! You have the patience of a saint--thanks for helping me. I couldn't have done this without you.
11/21/14Bruce S.THANK YOU, MICHAEL!!!
11/21/14Jayne D.I have so much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving and you are a part of that. Thank you for navigating this and teaching me.
11/18/14Linda L.If I knew how to write a song, I would write a grammy award winning one for you! I am so thrilled you will help me w/ medicare also.
11/13/14Jessica C.Thanks so much for looking into it, Michael -- I appreciate it!
10/22/14Jayne D.Thank you so much for all!
10/01/14Cancer Support Community-Benjamin CenterIt is with the deepest of gratitude that we thank you for your hours of service, dedication and belief in the mission of Cancer Support Community Benjamin Center.
10/10/14Roxane H.Thank you, appreciate your help!
10/06/14Rebecca C.Hi Michael, fantastic news!I'll look out for my member card in the mail.
10/06/14Marjorie B.Thanks so much.
09/22/14Rebecca C.Hi Michael! I always feel like you send a dose of sunshine with your emails 🙂
09/30/14Kalliegh P.Wonderful! Thank you, Michael 🙂
09/28/14Johanna J.Thank you so much.
09/12/14Michelle L.Wonderful thanks Michael! I will be celebrating 3 yrs. this weekend with Mr. lovable CS! 🙂
08/29/14Giovanna I.You're the best! I can't tell you how relieved I was after talking with you...that I can finally get on with pursuing something 'gainful' without the fear of losing medical benefits. It's great to know that so much has changed since I began this journey back in 2005, particularly regarding the pre-existing clause.
08/29/14Kalliegh P.Hello Michael, Thank you for you AWESOME assistance through this!
08/27/14Tom L.Thanks Michael. You are truly a gentleman.
08/26/14Violet G.Thanks for finding the [Medicare prescription drug) plan - when I looked at the details the [other] plan has quantity limits and prior authorizations on several of my medications but [the plan you suggested] only has that on two, which is much closer to what I'd been expecting. Thanks so much for your help.
08/27/14Robbie G.Thanks so much Michael. I called this morning and took care of it.
08/21/14David B.Bless you, my insurance guardian angel!
08/14/14Shahla D.Thank you, I registered on line and all looks just like the way you described. We are all set till the open enrollment time for next year. Have a great day!
08/11/14Carolyne J.Many thanks Michael!
08/08/14Lillian F.Michael: Thank you for taking care of this in such a timely manner. I appreciate your excellent customer service.
07/30/14Amanda S.So far i am insured. If any thing changes or if I need help, I will email you. I appreciate your kindness.
07/22/14Eva H.Thanks so much Michael for all your help!
07/16/14Nina R.You've been a great help. Thank you.
07/10/14Marjorie B.Hi Michael,

Just wanted to say thank you sooo much for helping my daughter. It was very kind and solved her problems. You're a wonderful human being. Thanks again.
Marjorie (a very grateful mother)
07/08/14Michelle L.thank you michael! Your help is much appreciated.
07/02/14Demetra C.First of all, thanks for all your help, connecting me w/cool, credible ******* peeps, such as yourself!
06/27/14Sheila H.Dear Michael:
I wanted to thank you for all the time you dedicated presenting here at Cancer Support Community for our community members. They really loved your
presentation on "Taking Care of Tomorrow" and appreciated the information you shared. We are so appreciative that you took time away from your incredibly
busy schedule to empower our members with knowledge.
Thank you for partnering with us in our mission.
Sheila H
06/25/14Pamela C.And thanks again for being such a great agent and even better friend!!
06/19/14Chrissy S.Thank you, Michael! ... You're the best!
06/12/14Promise R.OMGosh! Thank you Michael! Phew!!! You're the best!!! 🙂
06/10/14Dale J.Hi Michael, Thank you for all your helpfulness. We took him to the UCLA Med Center in Santa Monica. His ankle is broken. He's going to an orthopedist today. We obtained crutches at Rite-Aid for $43.00. The same type crutches you described. Again thank you for such professional caring.
06/04/14Robbie G.Thank you from the very bottom of my heart!!!!!
06/02/14Sigrid G.Michael, you are magic! Thank you very much for your assistance.
05/29/14Marcie R.Thanks again for all of your help! I would be lost navigating through all this without you!
05/19/14Muslima a.Michael, Thank you for your effort above and beyond the call of duty. We appreciate everything.
05/18/14Elizabeth D.Oh thank god! Thank you so much!! You are an angel 🙂
04/16/14Cancer Support Community-Benjamin CenterThe CSC team and I want to extend a very heartfelt, profound "Thank You!!" for your ongoing committment as a volunteer, allowing us to continue to offer Health Insurance 101 as a regular part of our program. Sheila Hammer, LCSW, Program Director.
04/11/14Vanessa V.Thanks again for all your assistance!! I really would be lost on all this without your guidance.
04/10/14Nancy S.My husband, met with you yesterday and we are very appreciative of the insurance information you provided. Russell gave you the ultimate compliment as not only a highly informed professional but a good person. We look forward to doing business with you.
04/04/14Sigrid G.Michael! This is amazing. You are amazing! Thank you so much for your help.
04/01/14Amber B.Thanks, Michael! You have been so awesome throughout this whole process! It is much appreciated 🙂
03/14/14Terry W.I was so happy I could refer Gail to you. She had a wonderful experience working with you. Love, Terry
03/13/14Michelle L.Thank you so much for all your help. You're the best!
01/05/14Cecile E.I finally did get the invoice last Friday. It may have come sooner, but the post office had my mail on hold in error. I immediately paid and now I'm waiting for my card and enrollment confirmation. That's good news that they extended the deadline. Hope you are finally getting caught up with getting everyone enrolled. Your help has been invaluable. Thanks again.
10/26/13Giovanna I., Executive Director, Generate Possibility.Dear Michael, Thank you so much for being our guest presenter at the October LACNETS meeting! It was perfect timing with all of the questions about health insurance and changing policies. I know that everyone appreciated your impressive extensive knowledge and quick answers, including the fun Powerpoint slides! Thank you again - you were wonderful!


Giovanna Joyce Imbesi
TuttoMedia ¥
Global Media Studios Inc.
310-399-2800, cell 310-617-7918
10/12/13Ken W.I am always so grateful for your care and support.
09/13/13Nigle B.Michael, Wanted you to know that Micki went to be with our Lord and Savior on 8/30/13 at 8:24 pm. Just wanted to thank you for watching out for us during this trying time and making sure we made the right insurance decisions.

Thank you and God Bless, Nigle ______, Husband
08/16/13Sunni P.Hi Michael, I realized I forgot to reply to your emails and express my gratitude! Thank you for this information, it proved helpful for John Nesky and is good clarification for future reference.
Sunni Pavlovic
studio manager
08/15/13Saskia W.Thank you Michael! We've been so freaked out about insurance and the surgery- your presentation really gave us some hope. Not to sound dramatic. But it did! You deserve a medal for awesomeness. (attended h i101 for artists at CA Endowment on 8/14/2012)
07/26/13April M.Thank you so much for speaking with me yesterday and for the information
that you have sent to me...I very much appreciate the time you took and you
were very patient.
07/23/13Sarah C.This guy truly rocks. (answered Sarah's questions about maternity coverage and mental health benefits on her CIGNA OA Value 3000)
07/23/13Carolyn R.I have gotten so many eamils saying how great you were and how the presentation gave so much information . I thank you so much for the time you gave and your willingness to answer every single question. Warm regards, Carolyn
02/27/13Amy A.Awesome - Thank you so much, you are the best!!! (re: getting Michelle Barber's rush enrollment done, thanks to Launa Lord)
02/25/13jill w.That's such great news, Michael..thank you SO much !! Have a great day !!
02/21/13Bethany M.Thanks so much Michael! Esp for going above and beyond. You are a sparkly diamond in a field of gold. [re: her sister Kristina's dental plan]
02/15/13Colin B.Thanks again, Michael. I setup an HSA with First American and it's working great.
01/17/13Teresa B., CEO, Cancer Support CommunityDear Michael, A generous gift has been given to the Cancer Support Community-Benjamin Center in your honor from Quin Crosbie. The Cancer Support Community-Benjamin Center is dedicated to helping people with cancer and their families fight for recovery and improve their quality of life. Together. community members can find hope, alleviate feelings of isolation. and regain a sense of control in their lives. Our program includes support groups, educational workshops and stress reduction programs designed to complement, not replace, conventional medical treatment for cancer. Our services are provided at no cost to the person with cancer, family or friends; this gift is a very gracious tribute given in your honor.

With gratitude,
Teresa Bond
01/04/13Lisa G.Michael!!!

I'm SO excited! I would love to give you a big shout out on Facebook if that is okay? I'm also sending my friend Asher to you. He is a great guy. Thanks SOoooo much for all your help;)
12/04/12Annette F.Hi Michael,
I went to see my former UCLA oncologist today. It was wonderful. No problems with the new insurance, instant referrals with no pre approvals required and a physician in whom I have faith. Thank you so much for all of your help. You've been more than wonderful.
09/24/12Mark G.Awesome. Thank you Michael. I really appreciate all of your help.
09/06/12Peter L.To: Cancer Support Community-Benjamin Center

I have been a member of a wednseday night support group at TWC/CSC since January 2009. And thanks to the TWC/CSC, it has been my great priveledge to meet amazing and inspiring survivors, caregivers, and mental health professionals. Thank you for all that you do to help survivors and our families.

Recently, I attended an insurance workshop at TWC/CSC, given by Michael Grodsky. As you know, financial and insurance stressors can make an already difficult situation even worse when choosing doctors and treatment options. And so it was with incredible gratitude that I received Michael's help. He was patient and kind with me and everyone else during the workshop. And he stayed long after to answer questions in more detail. We subsequently exchanged countless emails and phone calls, as he helped navigate me toward a new/better nealth insurance plan. As a result, I now have wider scope of coverage at a reduced monthly premium. Furthermore, my new plan may allow me to receive a prosthetic limb to replace my arm which was amputated in 2010 as a result of sarcoma.

The compassionate and caring environment of TWC/CSC has been an enormous help to me and my family during some of our darkest days. We are so grateful for the wonderful work you do. Thank you so very much.
05/30/12John S.Thank you so much for all of your guidance! You are a great guy to have on my team; the CSC is blessed with your presence.
02/08/12Kat S.Hey Michael,

Great news. I've gotten the insurance, lined up my surgery, had it at Cedars-Sinai. Everything was perfect. Best treatment ever. I wanted to thank you so much. Recovering now. All is well. I can't believe how many people I've passed on the PCIP info too.

Wishing you the best, Kat Skraba
01/09/12Chris D.Thank you Michael. Having you there to clearly explain all of the options to us is a blessing.
All The Best, Chris
01/04/12Nigle &.Thought I would let you know that the the work you did for us did what you said they would. UCLA got everything approved with no problems. I had all the confidence in the world in you, anyway!!!
06/22/11Ravit M.Thanks so much, Michael. Please keep us on your email list for mailings and updates. It was a pleasure to work with you and I look forward to working together at some other time. Warmly, R&D
03/22/11Mary O.Thank you Michael! I really appreciate all your help with the whole process. You were awesome!
03/17/11Thank you for your assistance enrolling subscribers into the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan. PCIP is extremely grateful for this partnership and any assistance you can provide in gaining ground on our goal of reduciing the number of uninsured Californians.
03/05/11Chris D.Thanks again so much for all of your generosity and kindness shepherding us through the mind-numbing insurance labyrinth.
Many Thanks,
03/05/11Jane S.We are very happy that this all worked out and thank you for your help, Michael. Jane
02/04/11Lena B.Great! Thank you, thank you, thank you Michael! Im so glad, this is one less thing for me to worry and think about. I'm so grateful for all of your help on my behalf. You are the best!
02/01/11Linda L.Dear Michael, I received my insurance card. My new health insurance if official. Enclosed are some edible food decorations from Magnolia Bakery as a token Thank You for all of your kind and patient help. With warm regards, Linda
01/11/11Lora E.Thanks, you're awesome!!
11/30/10Ken W.And thank you again and again for everything you've done and your boundless good humor with a big ol' brat like me.
11/24/10Ken W.And thanks again for your patience, assistance, and most of all, your good humor. You'll never know how much it means to me.
09/24/10Nancy B.You really have good insight into the world of insurance and [I'm] glad you are working with me.
09/22/10Todd B.You da man!
08/30/10Eva H.You are terrific. Thank you so much!!!!!!!
08/02/10Ken W.Thank you so much for this and for the great chat, Mike. ÊYou make me feel confident and supported, and I can't tell you how much that means to me.
07/10/10Elizabeth D.Did i tell you i had my first trip to the hospital a month ago - lucky i had health insurance, jeez. so thankful to you for all your brilliant help!
06/01/10Dorothy F.Sometime in June 2010: Thank you so much for all your help. I can't tell you how difficult it has been to navigate all this information and how helpful it is talking to you.
04/15/10Elizabeth D.Thank you so much for checking up on me!! You are like a guardian angel 🙂
03/06/10Tara B.Thank you so much for your help, your guidance and knowledge on health care benefits has been invaluable to me! I'm glad that I had the chance to attend your seminar at Ken Edwards center and work with you.
01/29/10Andre B.Thank you SO much, Michael! You're a godsend. I'll keep you updated.
01/07/10Megan D.Thank you so much for helping me out and being so generous with your time and thoughts. I will pass along your information to my friends at work. I'm hoping they will at least look into getting an emergency coverage if nothing else.Ê

I plan on applying this weekend and feel relieved already to have a new plan I am comfortable with and that will save me some money with the changes ahead.

Again thank you so much and I will be in touch after I do the application.
12/09/09Angela M., CA Laywyers for the ArtsI hope you are well. Just wanted to thank you for your excellent presentation last night! It was wonderful to meet you and your wife in person yesterday. I hope you both have a great holiday and I would love to work with you again in 2010!
12/03/09Nicole R.I got word today that Reed accepted my COBRA subsidy application, AND it's retroactive to 9/1/09 when I started on COBRA. ÊIt was great news! ÊI believe it was in part due to how I worded the email, eluding that I would appeal at the governmental level if they denied me. Ê(Since really they wasn't a reason they should deny me, but seemed to want to).

Thank you so much for your help. ÊI really appreciate it.
12/03/09Angela M., CA Laywyers for the ArtsEducation Director, California Lawyers for the Arts
Thank you for your excellent presentation last night!
I hope you both have a great holiday and I would love to work with you again in 2010!

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