Health Insurance

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Open Enrollment
In California, open enrollment lasts 3 months, from November 1 through January 31. During open enrollment you can purchase any available plan. If you are currently enrolled and take no action, your plan will automatically renew in January. For any other non-Medicare insurance such as dental, vision, life, disability, short-term, & travel, we accept application all year long.

You should know:
•  By law, the rates for health insurance is the same regardless how you purchase it, through an agent, broker, direct from the carrier, or through Covered California.
•  We offer plans from every major insurance company.
•  Your privacy is important to us, and your personal information is not lent or sold to others. (Click here to view our privacy policy)

How to choose a health plan

To figure out which plans might be the best fit for your circumstances, which of these statements apply to you?

  1. I have a preferred doctor, medical group, or hospital. (Selecting a plan that works well with your medical providers can reduce out-of-pocket expenses.)
  2. I use only preventive health care services, and I want my monthly premium to be as small as possible. (You’re willing to accept the financial risk of having a high deductible in return for a lower monthly premium.)
  3. I would like to pay as little as possible out of my own pocket before my plan begins covering my medical expenses. (You want a low deductible or no deductible)
  4. I (or my dependents) visit the doctor and providers’ offices often and don’t want to pay a lot for these visits. (You want a fixed office visit copay.)
  5. I take brand name prescription drug medications and want my plan to cover part of these expenses. (Copays for drugs can vary from carrier to carrier, so you may want to review the formulary (list of covered drugs) for the plans you are considering.)
  6. I want a plan that includes no prescription drug benefit until after a high deductible is met, if it helps to reduce my monthly premium.
  7. I would like my health care expenses to be tax-deductible even if I don’t itemize my tax deductions. (A ‘Health Savings Account-compatible’ plan (HSA) may be a good fit for folks in higher tax brackets, which allows for tax-preferred treatment of money used for healthcare expenses.)

Based on your priorities, once you have narrowed your plans to a few likely contenders, the final step is to compare, choose a plan and apply for coverage.