Financial Planning

Michael’s firm Aquarius Financial provides investment management services, but not financial planning services. Prior to engaging in an investment advisory relationship with us, we encourage you to visit a fee-only Certified Financial Planner (CFP®). Michael can provide referrals upon request. (Neither Michael nor Aquarius Financial receives compensation in any form in return for financial planning referrals.)

Typical services provided by financial planners
•  Comprehensive Life Planning
•  Retirement Funds Stress Test
•  Debt and Budget Workout
•  Retirement Health Check
•  Social Security income review
•  Sunset Care Planning
•  Financial Fitness Checkup
•  Tax Planning and Filing

The Financial Planning Process
A financial planner’s role in working with clients is that of a financial life coach. If you are like most people, your financial decisions are governed not just by logic and facts, but also by emotions and beliefs regarding money. A good  financial planner will explore these beliefs and patterns with you, resulting in an increased awareness that helps to guide you on a path forward. Recommendations grounded by intelligent, independent advice may allow you to live a more independent, conscious and financially secure life.