Dental & Vision

Dental & vision plans for individuals & families

If you have a preferred dentist, call their office to find out what insurance networks they are contacted with, and then you’ll know which plan may be the best fit.  (“We take any PPO” does not answer your question as to which carriers & plans they actually have a contract with.) PPO dental plans usually have waiting periods for basic and major services, unless you have proof of 12 months prior coverage. Be sure to review the benefits and restrictions of your selected plan before purchasing.

About dental plan waiting periods 
Q: What PPO plans have no waiting periods?
A: If you have proof of continuous 12 months of dental coverage without a gap of more than 60 days, carriers will waive the waiting period. Otherwise, most PPO plans have waiting periods for basic and major services. Delta Dental Immediate Coverage Plan has not waiting periods, but they have reduced benefits for first two years.

If you are 50 years old or more, AARP Delta Dental plans have no waiting periods for basic services. We don’t handle this plan, but for quotes and to apply visit

Q: What HMO plans have no waiting periods?
A: HMO dental plans do not have waiting periods.

Q: I just need cleaning and checkups; what’s a good plan for me?
A: Consider the lower-costing myCigna Dental Preventive. After 12 months you can upgrade to a Cigna plan that covers basic and major services, and you will have satisfied the waiting period. Many PPO plans have 12 month waiting period for major services, so this strategy lets you pay less in first 12 months, and then upgrade whenever you need more dental work. Other considerations may indicate a different plan is a better fit however; it all depends on your personal circumstances.

Dental & vision plans for employers with w-2 employees.

Carriers include Ameritas, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, CalDent, CalVision, Delta Dental, Metlife, MES Vision, and more. Contact us for rates and benefits.